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LuRe Big Bang "Waiting For You."  
01:02pm 19/11/2012

Based on the LuRe Big Bang story "Waiting For You" by Writergirl2006.
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Vid Wicked Game  
11:14am 18/11/2011
Long, long, long time since I last posted...

Was inspired and needed to be somewhat creative...

location: Groningen
music: Keep the Faith- Bon Jovi
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Yes please....  
08:48pm 30/09/2008



location: computer room
music: Gossip Girl 2.05
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(no subject)  
05:20pm 19/07/2007

I'm feelingHot

I just saw the Davidoff commercial with Josh Holloway on Dutch tv....nice, very nice. Davidoff's Cool Water was always a favorite fragrance (on men and on me) of mine. 

It's hot,well not too hot,it's actually nice weather for a change. I need to work on my dissertation,well I'm working on it almost every night. 

I want the dvd box Rome season 1, but I want the Limited Edition( wooden box),but the money, it's (almost ) always the money.

Gotta go... sleep.

location: computer room
music: heroes
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03:35pm 15/05/2007
earn money with surfing the internet...http://www.agloco.com/r/BBDW0073...

I can't wait for the next ep of LOST and next ep of GA...
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just an entry  
01:21pm 23/03/2007

LOST...JOHN, OMG!.Big Ass. What an ending, huge surprise.
Grey's Anatomy...Interesting Ep, Mark does grow on me, I thought he was funny, cute the first time I saw him, actually, but McDreamy still wins from McSteamy..

location: computer room
music: LOST 2x13
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getting more and more annoyed and frustrated..I want my money  
03:38pm 13/03/2007


GRRRRRR, still no mail from my lawyer, so that means..still no reaction from my boss and his lawyer. 
It works on my nerves, I can wait patiently for my money, if I KNOW that I'm getting it.
One day left, so cross my fingers and hope that I'll receive a message wherein says that my money is coming my way.
College, well teachers to be honest, they work on my nerves too. They believe you when you're covered in band-aid, but not when you're mind is a little(a lot)lost/confused. Can I help it, NO, it it to be over too!!!!!
Ok, after this ramble I need some tea.

location: computer room
music: This year's loving-David Gray
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Quizess..Maneater and Expression Number.  
06:12pm 23/02/2007
Mood Moody

music: Maneater-Nelly F
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Just a few quizzes  
11:58am 25/01/2007

Mood Groggy
Hey hey!

I'm tired, I got a few hours sleep and after watching some

Your Vampire Name Is...
Angelique of Pain
You Should Rule Venus
Venus is a mysterious, stormy planet - shrouded in a thick layer of clouds.

You are perfect to rule Venus, because you are quite emotional and volatile yourself.
Your emotions change as rapidly as the weather on Venus, and both you and the planet are incomprehensible to others.

While you are not a logical thinker, you are quite empathetic.
You can care for and understand others, but your emotions swirl too quickly to truly understand yourself.
Your Mood Ring is Magenta
Weird Creative Insipired Thriving
eps of NCIS...I'm bored. Anyways, I did some quizzes.

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We're getting David's "Bones"...YAY  
08:22pm 31/07/2006
Mood Happy

Finally Bones first ep is going to air here on 6th of August...YAY. I think I've get to get used to se David pair up with someone else than Sarah, but looking forward to it.

That was it!!!
location: computer room
music: vogue-Madonna
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